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Click to Empower for Domestic Violence Survivors


While reading Gina McCauley’s What About Our Daughters’ blog, I learned about economic abuse and The Allstate Foundation’s financial awareness initiative “Click to Empower” ( that educates women about domestic abuse and economic abuse.  Click here to read Gina’s blog:

More About Click to Empower (text below is from Click to Empower’s Facebook Group Page –


Domestic Violence touches millions of Americans each day…

One in four American women have experienced domestic violence directly, and more than 70 percent of Americans say they know people who are or have been victims of domestic violence, according to a studies conducted by The Allstate Foundation and the U.S. Justice Department.

While many Americans associate domestic violence with physical cuts and bruises, the bruises to a survivor’s finances and credit can make it difficult to leave and recover from an abusive situation.

Research shows that women with basic financial understanding and skills are more likely to leave abusive situations and sustain themselves and their families on a long–term basis. Although the problem is widespread, domestic violence remains a taboo subject in conversations.

Help break the taboo and get women and men to talk openly about domestic violence.

What can you do? Tell a Gal P.A.L.!

* Pass It On—Spread the word to your gal pals that domestic violence touches all of us and it can happen to anyone. Let your gal pals know that financial abuse is part of domestic abuse. Click here to “Tell a Gal P.A.L.” via email about domestic violence and economic empowerment.

* Act—Small acts make a big difference. Encourage your gal pals to actively plan for a secure financial future. Start a savings plan for emergencies or get a copy of your credit report.

Go to for tips on rebuilding your financial future and signs of domestic abuse.

* Learn—Learn about resources available to help yourself, or someone you know, get out of an abusive situation. Take steps to protect your personal and financial safety, whether you’re in an abusive relationship or not, and empower yourself. Click for more information on understanding domestic abuse and find available resources to get help for yourself or others.

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