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The Power of All-Girls Schools in Women’s Lives




This morning I listened to a recording of WCPN 90.3 FM’s The Sound of Ideas show. The theme was “Lessons from Girls’ Schools.”  Click here to listen to the podcast:  It made me think about St. Elizabeth Seton High School (, the all-girls Catholic school that I attended in Bladensburg, Maryland .  My mother Theresa is the reason I went to Seton.  She gave me the same gift of support her mother Dorothy gave her when she decided to attend St. Mary’s Catholic High School in Indianapolis, Indiana during the 1950s. 

Seton gave me the opportunity to find my own voice, dream big dreams, develop and share my own opinions, and speak my truth.  I learned to be who I wanted to be without concern for what boys might think.  My academic experience gave me confidence, promoted my creativity, and established my courage to take risks.  Seton also taught me how to manage my time, be independent, serve my community, and actively pursue learning as a passion.  The Sisters of Charity and lay teachers challenged me to be the best and achieve at very high levels.  They did not accept mediocrity.  They reinforced the lessons my mother taught me:  own your own abilities and shine your higher self at all times.  That’s why I decided to become a lawyer at 16.  That’s why I learned how to be a public speaker and entrepreneur through Junior Achievement in my junior and senior years.  That’s why I was a student leader, member of the Gospel Choir, and budding artist and writer.   

Did you attend an all-girls school?

What do you think about all-girls schools?

Do you think they make a difference in the lives of women and girls?

Peace and Sisterhood,


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