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Tune into Sisterhood, the Blog Radio at 4:00 p.m. EST for a conversation about “Women Healing Community Through Revolutionary Artistry.”



Tune into Sisterhood, the Blog Radio at 4:00 p.m. EST for a conversation about “Women Healing Community Through Revolutionary Artistry.”  Click here to listen to the show:  Las Manas Tres, a group of Latina storytellers, are the guests.  The members of Las Manas Tres are Maya  Chinchilla, Cruz Grimaldo, and Milta Ortiz. Visit

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Participate in 9.19.09 Online Yoga Class for Computer Users


Celebrate National Yoga Month tonight at 9pm EST with yoga teacher Ananda Leeke’s very first online yoga class with live video stream on The class is called Kind & Gentle Yoga for Computer Users. Ananda will share a live demonstration featuring  breathing exercises, eye yoga, and keyboard yoga. Click here to watch the show: A chat room will be included.

Ananda is founder of kg yoga life practices –

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Reminder – Sisterhood, the Blog Radio Shows on September 8, 9 & 10




Faith Hunter

Join Sisterhood, the Blog Radio in celebrating National Yoga Month with a yoga yummy conversation on September 8th at 9:30 p.m. with Faith Hunter, co-owner of Shakti MindBody Studio ( in Washington, D.C.  Faith is also a Thai massage therapist, ayurvedic practitioner, writer, yoga podcaster, and Director of the Shakti Yoga Teacher Training Program.  Host Ananda Leeke will talk to Faith about the power of yoga in her life and work.  Click here to listen to the show:

To learn more about Faith, visit  Be sure to check out Faith’s YogaVibe videos:

If you are in D.C., drop by Faith’s studio (one block from Mount Vernon/Convention Center Metro) and take a class:

Check out Faith’s podcasts featuring free online yoga classes recorded at Shakti MindBody Studio:


Sisterhood, the Blog Radio continues the Lessons Learned from BlogHer 2009 Series on September 9 and 10. Click here to listen to the shows: See schedule below. 


Veronica Arreola


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Female-Oriented Spirituality, Feminism, and the Internet’s effect on women’s spiritual practices


Many thanks to Veronica Arreola, founder of Viva La Feminista blog ( for tweeting about Oh My God(dess)! Feminist Spirituality in the Third Wave, a blog post written by Mandy Van Deven, a freelance writer and founder of the Feminist Review blog.  Mandy’s blog post was featured on Religion Dispatches, a daily online magazine.  Mandy interviewed Religion scholar Chris Klassen, author of Feminist Spiritualities: The Next Generation,  a collection of writings by 11 female academics.  Click here to read it:

Check out an excerpt from the Mandy’s interview with Chris below. After you read it, think about the question below.

What effect do you think the Internet is having on women’s spiritual practices?

Excerpt from Mandy’s blog interview

We don’t tend to think of the Internet as a site for spiritual practice, yet many young women are running Web sites and blogs in order to build a community and engage in theological discussion. What effect might technology have on feminist spirituality?

This is the big question of the day for all religious use of the Internet. I think this kind of technology can bring people together from a wider range of contexts while simultaneously having the power to isolate us in our homes. One of the obvious ways the Internet effects feminist spirituality is in increasing women’s access to resources. This makes the picking and choosing of spiritual practices and mythologies much easier.However, it also reinforces as focus on “my” spiritual practice rather than “our group’s” spiritual practice. The internet facilitates heterodoxy and heteropraxis.

Yet it’s not so simple as encouraging individualism. Individuals are also brought together through the Internet to gain support from each other and to inform each other about events and issues, among other things. Overall, the effect the Internet has on feminist spirituality is not much different from the effect the Internet has on every other aspect of our lives.

What does a female-oriented spirituality do for feminism?

I believe it limits feminism. One of the contributions of third wave feminism is a stronger emphasis on disrupting rigid identities. This was present in the second wave, but it was not as blatant. ‘Female-oriented’ assumes there is a rigid definition of what ‘female’ is, and it also assumes that femaleness is a stronger tie for women than other elements of their identities. Many women of color called out early white second wave feminists for assuming they would have more in common as women than women of color would have with men of color. But why should they have to choose? Many third wave feminists, by virtue of their stronger individualism, see their identities as unique individual categories that only partially align with any other individual. Thus ‘female-oriented’ would only be a piece of their lives, and minimally useful—if at all.”

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Who are twenty-first century women?


Who are twenty-first century women? 

They are a diverse group. They represent all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, sexual orientations, socioeconomic classes, and religions.  Many define themselves with identity labels.  Several  call themselves feminists from the 2nd wave, 3rd wave, and 4th wave.  Some walk the earth as womanists.  Others prefer to just be who they are without the labels.  The two things they have in common are their womanhood and right to choose who they want to be.

What do you think?

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Tyler Perry & “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide”



Ntozake Shange

saavy sister

Many thanks to The Savvy Sista for posting the news about Lionsgate hiring Tyler Perry to write, direct and produce Ntozake Shange‘s 1975 play for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf: a choreopoem.  Click here to read the news: Be sure to sign up for The Savvy Sista’s newsletter so you can stay on top of news impacting women of color.  Click here to register:

Have you seen for colored girls?

If yes, who is your favorite Lady?

Sisterhood, the Blog loves the Lady in Red because she said:

“i found god in myself
& i loved her / i loved her fiercely.”

What do you think about Tyler’s new gig?

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Looking Back at Spike Lee’s She Gotta Have It and Nola Darling


Do you remember Spike Lee’s first movie She’s Gotta Have It from the mid 1980s?  Click here to read about Lee’s movie:’s_Gotta_Have_It.

It premiered to international audiences at the 1986 Cannes Film Festival and returned home with the Award of the Youth for Foreign Film.  It tells the story of Nola Darling, Continue reading

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Do you think Tyler Perry has a gender problem?


Do you think Tyler Perry has a gender problem?  Read The Savvy Sister’s blog post that features Courtney Young’s commentary:

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Check out Time article – Why Michelle Obama’s Hair Matters


Check out this Time article:  Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Celebrate National Yoga Month – September 1-30


OM A Day Campaign Logo by Ananda Leeke


Happy National Yoga Month!

During September, check out the OM A Day Campaign, an online effort that kg yoga life practices is using to share yoga and relaxation tips to help people take better care of themselves while they use their computers:

Explore the wisdom quote from Debra Perlson-Mishalove, founder of Flow Yoga Center ( below.  Debra was featured in the September 2009 issue of Yoga Journal (

“Yoga offers us a practical philosophy that encourages harmony and consciousness in how we connect with ourselves and the world around us.”

Have you heard of mudras?

Mudras are yoga hand movements that can help cultivate a specific state of mind during your yoga and meditation practice. Click on the video below to learn about the lotus mudra. Click here to read a great Yoga Journal article about mudras:

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